Facilities and Fees

The club has two main moorings areas: about 25 fore and aft moorings in the West dock, just to the east of the harbour entrance and pontoon berths for about a dozen yachts in the East dock. In addition, we have a well equipped clubhouse, a dinghy store and a spacious compound for winter storage. Club members also enjoy access to a work boat for laying moorings and general harbour duties. Moorings and winter storage fees are calculated on a price per metre basis, according to the length of yacht.

Currently boats from 19 feet to 29 feet are accommodated on the fore and aft moorings. All mooring gear is the responsibility of the respective owners, but the Club’s elected Harbour Committee can advise and assist. The size limit for pontoon berths is 30ft.

The club hires a crane twice a year for lift-in and lift-out. These occasions occur in March or April and at the end of the season, in October. Costs are shared equally between club members.

Mooring Fees –

All fees shown below are valid for 2020.

Fore and Aft Moorings

The fee for the sailing season (April – September) is calculated at the rate of £36.00 per metre of overall length, rounded up to the nearest tenth of a metre.

Mooring Fees – Pontoon berths

The overall ANNUAL fee for pontoon berths is £115 per metre, which is split into a summer rate of £90 per m and a winter rate of £25 per m. Therefore, if pontoon berth holders wish to crane out into the yard for the winter, they pay a yard fee which is equal to that paid by all other members (see below: £25 per m). For all members who take a WINTER ONLY pontoon berth (mooring elsewhere during the summer), the fee is 50% of the summer rate, which calculates at £57.50 per m.

For invoicing purposes, the minimum boat length for pontoon berths is 8m.

Summer Storage

SUMMER STORAGE – Summer storage in the club yard is charged at £25 per metre.

Winter Storage

Winter storage rates apply after the end-of-season lift-out. These are charged at £25 per metre for boats in the yard as well as for boats that remain on the pontoons.

Membership Fees – existing members

Household membership £130 (£125 + £5 RNLI donation)
Personal membership 120 (£115 + £5 RNLI donation)
Concessionary membership (£29)
Youth membership (£29)
Associate membership (£29)
Honorary membership (£0)

Membership Fees – new members

Household membership £161.25 (£125 + £31.25 joining fee + £5 RNLI donation)
Personal membership £148.75 (£115 + £28.75 joining + £5 RNLI donation)
Concessionary membership £36.25 (£29 plus £7.25 joining fee)
Associate membership £36.25 (£29 plus £7.25 joining fee)
Youth membership £36.25 (£29 plus £7.25 joining fee)
Honorary membership (£0)

Temporary Pontoon Berth Fees

First two hours FREE. Longer than that, and for an overnight stay, the fee is £20 for non-members of BSC and £10 for members. (Qualifying membership types are FULL or HOUSEHOLD to receive the member’s rate on pontoon temporary mooring fees. Otherwise the non-member’s rate applies). Please see the Pontoon Berth Reservation page for more information.