A Marina at Burntisland

After several years planning and fund-raising, the Sailing Club’s ‘Pontoon Project’ has finally been realised: a very fine set of pontoons with access ramp is now available for members and visitors in the East Dock. These pictures demonstrate the before-and-after transformation.

The East Dock at Burntisland offers full floating access 24 hours a day. However, as a harbour shared with commercial operators, large ships occasionally call, which may necessitate the closure of the dock gates. When this occurs, movement in and out of the harbour is restricted to an hour or so either side of high water, when the gates are opened to equalise the water level. If thinking of visiting Burntisland, please contact us or check with Marine Traffic to ascertain if any large ships are in the harbour.

Information for Visitors

Burntisland Marina offers space for up to 4 visiting yachts of up to 38 feet (11.6m). Stays of longer than 4 hours are available by appointment only. Stays of less than 4 hours are not bookable, but we will be pleased to accommodate you if you call in, if we have the space. If you leave your boat while on a temporary visit to our pontoons, please be certain to leave your mobile number visibly on display in the window so that you can be contacted in the event of any urgency. For reserving a space for more than 4 hours or overnight, please click the big button below.

We regret that power and water are currently not available on the pontoons, though they may be installed at a later date.

Fees: First four hours FREE. Longer than that, and for an overnight stay, the fee for single-hulled craft is £20 for non-members of BSC and £10 for members. The fee for multi-hulled craft (catamarans) is 1.5 times the rate for single-hull vessels. (Qualifying membership types are FULL or HOUSEHOLD to receive the member’s rate on pontoon temporary mooring fees. Otherwise the non-member’s rate applies). The maximum number of nights that can be reserved is 2.

Click here to make a visitor berth reservation

Pontoons at Burntisland


Supporting Organisations

Fife Environment Trust | Common Good Fund | Fife Council | The Big Lottery Fund

Burntisland Sailing Club gratefully acknowledges all the sponsors above who have supported us in developing the pontoons