Pontoon Progress

SUCCESS! New pontoons installed summer 2022

new pontoons installed

Of all the many milestones in BSC’s 68-year history, installing pontoons in the East Dock has been one of the most successful. Appreciated by members and visitors, the pontoons also simplify craning operations.

To build on this success, we have installed more pontoons along the southern dock edge, adjacent to the existing installation.


BSC can now offer 32 pontoon berths, protected in the East Dock and accessible at any state of the tide.

Please note that two large clients also use the dock: Scott Pallets and Briggs Marine. The dock gate is occasionally shut when large vessels connected with these businesses are present. Marine Traffic can confirm the presence of any large vessels.


BSC’s pontoon installation is a bespoke design, uniquely suited for the local situation. The original run of pontoons is affixed by means of uprights to the west wall of the dock. The stretch along the southern wall is secured via an ingenious lever system, which rises and falls with the tide.

Design and installation was achieved through coordinated team work by club members.

Visitors always welcome at BSC, but please book your berth in advance