The Use of Paints and Confined Space Working


All members at some point will be applying paint to their vessels. We need to be aware of our actions and how they potentially could impact on others.

Every paint tin will give basic instructions for safe application. This will include instructions about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), surface preparation, ventilation, drying or curing times, environmental impact.

Every manufacturer of products by law has to produce a datasheet. These sheets will explain how the product should be used and, if required, what type of PPE has to be used during the application.

Datasheets can be downloaded online or supplied from your paint supplier.

The common paint application of antifouling would recommend using a particle respirator which covers organic vapours, eye protection, and skin protection.

Environmental responsibility must also be taken into account.

Disposable plastic sheeting should be placed on the ground and empty tins disposed of properly.

Confined Space Working

The definition of a Confined Space is anywhere there is restricted access in an enclosed space.

Working inside your vessel would fall under this description.

How easy would it be to get rescued by a third party if you are unable to get yourself out? Think about your actions.

Ensure there is adequate ventilation during the time you are working in this environment. If required, ventilate some time before entry.

Ensure that others know you are working below decks.

When using paints and solvents, please be aware of the limitations of ventilation, PPE and flammable vapours. Restrict smoking and naked flames.