a club race in the ForthWe will run club and open events racing series in 2017, similar to previous years.

Sunday Racing

We have found that the reduced daylight limits the racing we can do early and late in the season. On a trial basis, Early and Late Series races will run on Friday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Rolling handicap

We will adopt an automatic rolling handicap system for club (non-open) races, similar to the system used by Port Edgar Yacht Club. Boat handicaps will be adjusted after every race, using a formula. The aim is to find a fair handicap for each boat that adjusts for its suitability for local conditions, and incorporates a crew skill factor.
[Click here for more information about Rolling Handicap Calculations]

New software

We will use a new race database to store the race results, this will run on the club computer and replace the Excel spreadsheets. This has some new features

  • it will make it simpler to file the race data, without needing to rename an Excel file and store in a particular location
  • it will calculate a “Standard Corrected Time” and “Achieved Performance” for races, giving us more information on how we have performed. “Standard Corrected Time”, is an estimate of the corrected time a boat should take in a race if “sailed to handicap”. “Achieved Performance” is the PN that would result in a boat achieving Standard Corrected Time, given its actual time taken.
  • we can use it to record duty swaps
  • it will calculate rolling handicap adjustments
  • it will show updated series results after every race
  • it calculates a duty schedule
  • it will make it easier to see boats’ performance over the season, and create data returns for RYA and FYCA