Membership 2021

This form is for applying for or renewing your membership in 2021

For boat owners, this form additionally calculates your mooring or storage fee that is due for the 2021 sailing season. Please read the Notes first. As described in the Notes, membership and mooring fees are due by 31st January 2021. You will be sent details by email on completion of this online form, advising how to make your payment. IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP HAS NOT YET BEEN APPROVED, OR IF YOU HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT A MOORING IS AVAILABLE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FORM BUT CONTACT US THROUGH CLICKING HERE. Any application and payment in advance of membership being approved will be rejected. All fields marked with a red star are compulsory, including request for copy of boat insurance certfificate (if applicable).

Section 1: About you

(All questions marked with red stars are compulsory)