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Burntisland Sailing Club

Established 1954

Burntisland is located in Fife, just six miles by sea from Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh. By land from Edinburgh, the journey is closer to 30 miles as the road loops round to the new Queensferry Crossing, from which excellent views are available of the world famous UNESCO rated Forth Bridge. Taking the coastal road, the route then wends through the attractive coastal villages of Inverkeithing, Dalgety Bay and Aberdour, and finally Burntisland.

The Forth Bridge

Although BSC was established in 1954, it took 30 years for club members to design and build a permanent structure for their clubhouse. The building is located at the entrance to Burntisland dock, at the far end of the East Harbour. As visitors approach by sea, it is the first building they see to starboard.

Clubhouse and KoF
The BSC Clubhouse
For many years, BSC members kept their boats on fore and aft moorings tucked away to the east of the harbour entrance. About 25 boats can be accommodated in this space. In 2018, after many years planning and negotiation, the club built some pontoon berths in the internal East Dock. The cherished dream was brought to fruition through the hard work and foresight of club members – as a different generation had done decades earlier for the building of the clubhouse. For the pontoon project, BSC is especially grateful for generous support received from Fife Council and the Fife Environment Trust. The new pontoon development is able to accommodate about 16 boats, with limited berths for visitors (prior booking essential). Burntisland is a commercial port and safe harbour of refuge. Therefore, unusually for an east coast harbour, it does not dry out and there is 24 hour access for all boat owners.
Fore and aft moorings in the outer dock

Members’ boats normally get craned out of the winter during the winter season, unless they chose to overwinter on a pontoon berth. A mobile telescopic crane is contracted twice yearly: to lift boats in at the beginning of the season (April) and to lift boats out at the end (October). Expenses are shared equally between members.

Craning of boats occurs at the beginning and end of the season
Burntisland Sailing Club welcomes visitors to our pontoons in the inner dock, which were installed in 2018. The visitors berths are clearly marked, but it’s essential to reserve a space before entering the harbour.
Pontoons in the East Dock

Our Mission

To encourage active participation in affordable boating for the health and wellbeing of all.
To find out about the history and early beginnings of Burntisland Sailing Club, see our history page

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