BSC people: Jude Beimers

When did you start sailing?
I’ve been sailing since 2012. I was looking for a hobby to fill the void after a youth spent doing athletics to a reasonable level. Started the sailing off by buying a book about dinghy sailing and bought a Laser 3000 dinghy, which took about 3 days to rig in the garden with trial and a lot of error! Spent a few years sailing that at Largo Bay sailing club with my brother, heading in whatever direction the wind was, to then blast back with the spinnaker. Then I got invited to sail regularly with Jim Blyth on his 505 which proved a serious learning curve as he’s sailed his whole life to a high level, taking his boat to far flung corners in shipping containers to compete at world level. I then did the day skipper course out of Largs and joined Burntisland Sailing Club too, and got myself a Hawk 20, then a Beneteau First 21.7 to do more cruising as well as racing. Hopefully I can keep sailing long into my twilight years.
Sailing at Hayling island with Jim Blyth for the 505 Euro Cup, the field was full of previous Olympic and World champions and we stayed within touch of them for the first couple of laps, before a gybe capsize on the 3rd lap, but still managed to recover a mid-fleet finish. Also, every time I go down to Burntisland and head out of the harbour, set the sails, turn the engine off, and everything melts away into total relaxation.

What’s your BEST sailing experience?

What’s your WORST sailing experience?

Grafham Water for the inland UK championships with Jim Blyth in the 505 again, it was extremely gusty conditions hitting 30+knots, with the kite up we got instantly flattened in a big gust, and I had to swim back to the boat and explain why there was a human sized hole in the mainsail, and why I hadn’t dumped the spinnaker in the gust. Lesson learned!

Also, wet sanding the hull in preparation for a new coat of paint is the worst. But always forgotten come launch day!